Too Much Benefit of The Doubt For The Accused or Not

I was reading this crazy story recently about a lady named Jojo Geronimo who owned a tattoo parlor here in BC. Allegedly her and her client named Byron Thomas Hobbs was having some kind of dispute over scheduling and this resulted in physical fight. Crazy enough, this was all captured on tape and has been available through social media. Have a look yourself and I think you will be shocked too:

The main controversy that seemed to be arising out of this is that the accused is on the streets again pretty quickly which makes you wonder what is going on inside those court systems. Sadly enough, even I expressed how for my case even though it wasn’t say a deadly criminal case I can easily see why these cases turn out the way they do. In my opinion, from personal experience it comes down to giving too much benefit of the doubt.

I obviously don’t know all the details for this case, but if I was to reflect this with my own I can imagine them first having to go through this ludicrous pre-trial setting without simply going straight to the facts. Ironically, as I expressed before it’s the victims that essentially get the short end of the stick as it feels like the system is built to process cases as opposed to resolving them. How many more stories like these it will take for some serious change?

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