Victims of Ecowest Renovations Story And Media Law

I saw on the news today about a story in regards to a company formerly known as Ecowest Renovations. From what I heard from Global News BC the company had filed for bankruptcy which left a lot of customers with incomplete work. Ultimately, making them lose a lot of money. Apparently since then the owner of the company named Sean Camp has opened up a new company called Truridge Exteriors.

Now a lot of people have banded together it seems in the form of social media in an attempt to share their experiences about the company. From what I see there are two Facebook groups called Eco west victims which you can visit at and Truridge Exteriors – The Truth which you can see at

The part that stuck out to me was how in the report it states that apparently at least two people that are part of the group, named Mitch Selman and Amanda Dougan, are being threatened with lawsuits if they don’t take the page down. In the news report though it seemed like they were staying firm regardless of these threats.

I don’t know all the details of course, but it was inspiring to hear that other people try to use social media in these scenarios as well. The legal system is one reason that holds me back from fully being able to tell my story for example which in many ways is silly. Although, my scenario is a little different where because it went through a court case I can share all of the documents and what was said in court. However, to my knowledge I am still gagged from discussing about the inner workings which is a pain.

Like for this story, as an outsider I would be highly interested in hearing the facts in an openly public manner. None of this potential intimidation by lawyers or the cost of the court system that can potentially stop people from uncovering the truth. Kudos to you guys for trying to get your story out there and hopefully one way or another all the facts will be thrown out for the public to make an informed and factual decision on the matter.

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  1. For the record, there is a criminal investigation on one/some of the people on the Facebook pages. I agree that social media is a great tool for public knowledge, but one needs to be certain that what they are reading, is in fact true- especially before they start commenting and spreading rumours. People should also realize that no one, including themselves, are perfect. When you call someone out publicly as many on these FB pages have done, they put themselves in a vulnerable situation if they can’t back up what they’re saying with actual facts….

    This will certainly be an interesting situation to watch

  2. Anon,

    Is the investigation publicly recorded anywhere for all to see? Example, like an official police press release?

    I fully agree that people need to try and make sure what the real facts are before making a conclusion. At the same time, kind of like that Jian Ghomeshi case I think there has to be a middle ground where people can openly throw out facts for a public investigation without being intimidated that someone’s wallet can stop it from happening.

    Example, to my personal understanding of the legal system the unfortunate thing like in those sexual assault/rape stories are if the person has no real “tangible proof” then they can essentially be sued to the ground for mentioning it. They will be too scared to say anything and no one will ever bother to investigate as a result.

    Like for this specific, I am interested in hearing the facts and the statements just like say a court case without the legal intimidation. Too bad there is no such thing as a social media courtroom.

    1. SMJ
      To the best of my knowledge there was no press release from the RCMP regarding the investigation into the allegations made on the page. My guess is that u may be able to acquire the file number, but that’s all. The RCMP will never talk about an investigation until it is over.

      As far as the “Social Media Courtroom”, if you refer to either link that is referred to in this article you will find, in my opinion, exactly that. There are a whole bunch of people on there that have basically convicted these guys as guilty based on their own opinion. Because there was so much attention, the media picked up on it and ran a few stories on local and national news channels before realizing the facts for themselves.

      Global BC has since deleted the stories from their FB page after some people who saw it started to question the allegations contained in the interview.

      Like I said, I think social media is a great tool to educate the public, as long as people stick to actual facts. Just because somebody thinks it’s true, doesn’t mean it’s true.

      1. In my view, a “social media courtroom” would be more in a fashion where both people have to give out facts. Example, none of this “no comment” as if you are a celebrity being hounded by the paparazzi for personal details. Whoever is telling the truth, throw out the facts and let everyone decide. Otherwise it’s basically just like a rant area where I am sure we all agree there will always be people that react too emotionally.

        For Global BC deleting their FB page, unless you have insider information as to its exact intentions in doing so it’s kind of hard to conclude anything with that. Example, I know a lot of sites and even people who use social media platforms like Youtube often delete or suppress the ability to comment because they don’t want to moderate everything or be liable for third party comments.

        If this was a open public courtroom, I am guessing you mentioned this alleged criminal investigation as I assume it would potentially play a role in determining one’s credibility for example. It would be easier for you to simply say what your connection with this is and how you would even know it existed if it is a private matter that a person like myself would not have access to, but I am guessing you have your reasons.

        Do you have some facts about this scenario that a person like myself is oblivious to for example? Even I agree, it’s all about the facts.

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