What A Great Example of Using Social Media To Address An Issue When Authority Figures Are Slacking

Some of you may have seen this viral video “Taipei MRT Racist” of a man who was living in Taiwan where he happens to be a foreigner in the country. Because of this, as it turns out he received some pretty racist hate over this where one person was blunt about it. Even though everything was captured on video the guy didn’t care and continued to throw out racist remarks. You can see the video here:

While the person tried to get the police involved to handle it the proper way, he simply got the run around to the point where nothing got solved. As a result, he decided to publish the video online where millions of people saw the story. From what I read in the comments, the person throwing out the racist remark was then held accountable for his actions as the public began to research into it instead.

This is still what I think people in BC and Canada in general need to do when it comes to trying to fix the justice system. For the most part, you need to try and publish your stories to the general public like this. Like how this guy tried to go to the police station, I can just imagine trying to get like a chief judge or court official to actually take your concern seriously would probably go on deaf ears. Maybe one day it won’t be like that, but at this moment that is how it seems like.

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