To The Supreme Court of BC or Not Against Johnny Ho

The first thing that many people told me was to take this to a higher court by first going to the court of appeals Here is the thing though. While court representatives say that we have a court of appeals system that helps to ensure that we can get justice even if a previous judge made extreme errors, what about the cost?

First let’s start with the trial transcripts. You as the person appealing must pay this out of your own pocket. This item can cost $800+ dollars. Now that is just a start as you have to factor in court fees as well as trying to serve the person all the documents all over again. Think about this too. A person like myself went to small claims court mainly because financially the supreme court seemed way out of reach. How is this a justice system where one expects a small claims court litigant to pay thousands of dollars more to investigate a judge’s decision?

Theoretically, let’s say a judge that was looking at your case was a complete drunk, literally, where the amount of contradictions are so obvious that you would win your case for sure if it was to be reviewed by a competent panel of individuals. However, with this system it’s basically saying “Sure, we will review your case. Please just give us a few thousand dollar and we will put it in the queue”.

In many ways I feel this setup is like a private corporation that has a monopoly where one can charge people whatever they want as they don’t really have to answer to anyone. In a way, it’s a privilege and not a right to have access to the justice system. It reminds me of a store where you receive defective merchandise. Regardless of how there are these policies in place to protect you, it comes down to which manager is working on the floor that day along with the mood they are in for you to get a working product as stated and advertised. Would that be acceptable?

An individual was telling me too that even if I did win the case after it is going to be a challenge to get my money back. Therefore, I should really think about it. Would it be really worth it to spend thousands of dollars just to prove my case in this system where maybe in the end I won’t even see a penny back? I thought about it for awhile.

The result? I try to think of the positives in life and that everything happens for a reason. One big reason I feel that this has happened to me is that I think my experience is so compelling with the amount of documentation I have that I am one of the few who is in a very good position to expose everything that is wrong with the justice system that we have here in BC. I’m inclined to say that we don’t have a justice system but rather a legal system.

You hear people complain all the time at how dysfunctional and costly the court system is. Only problem? No one really had the compelling evidence and documentation to expose this. So, I am using my experience in hopes to promote change as what has happened to me is not a coincidence from the stories I read. People shouldn’t have to go through what I did.

Keep in mind, I am not trying to do this in a revolting type of fashion as I want to be part of the solution and not the problem. I want to focus on facts where people can review everything objectively from the way the process works and how certain judges conduct themselves. Example, from my experience I raise a few questions:

1) Again, are there any points where you as a regular person can clearly see that something was a lie? Regardless, many people have told me though that we have a law condemning perjury and people who lie under oath yet it seems like it is never enforced. One person said to me that the sad reality is that it is usually only enforced if a judge gets personally offended. Is that right in your mind?

While my case wasn’t a criminal matter, watching stories like this just scares me more where even criminals are aware at how broken the system is and so they take advantage of it:

2) Talk about efficiency. Why did it take over a year and so many judges to review this case? Where is the logic to have different judges every time? How much of the tax payer’s money is spent each time paying these people too? Does that make sense to you if you were the court system and the goal is to find the truth and grant swift justice?

3) How is it an accessible justice system where it seems like you need to spend thousands of dollars in the process just to be heard?

4) If there is an extremely questionable judge in the court system what accessible system is there in place to protect people which doesn’t involve having to pay thousands of dollars? Some kind of independent auditing system controlled by the public would be great.

5) I say we as a public can improve the system by creating ways to more easily scrutinize what goes on in the system and whether rules of the law are applied. For example, in my case if everything was video recorded from beginning to end I’m sure the case would have ended swiftly and appropriately.

Personal note:
As an added bonus, I think sharing my story will help protect me personally. Example, I was told that Johnny Ho continues to falsely state his professional affiliation with “AL6400 Solutions.” As an example, he has a profile on a social networking site called LinkedIn. To my knowledge it was under the alias gtako or a jtechsha. As you can see, he alleges here that in 2004 he was affiliated with “AL6400 Solutions” and lists all kinds of wonderful things ( :
 Johnny Ho Gtako Linked Screenshot or J-techsha

(Savvy readers have informed me that he is doing the same thing using this new link at Have kept the old link above for archive reference)

Didn’t he say it was 2005 in court and didn’t I prove that I had no contact with him for awhile? I find it humorous too that if you look at the page and the screenshot I took, incase he changes it, he indicates that from 1999 to 2009 he was a “Developer” for a company called “J-techsha”. How does this make sense with the story he told in court? From what I gather this is his own independent business, but still…….does it make sense to you based on the sworn testimony? Do sworn testimonies even mean anything in practicality?

I am actually surprised that companies didn’t appear to do a background check considering it seems like a lot of them are based here in Vancouver BC. Someone writing “September 2004 – September 2007 (3 years 1 month) Project management. Web Development in PHP, AJAX, XHTML, CSS, RSS, XML . I was also actively involved in sales, recruitment, networking (promoting), interviews, client relations, price quotion, project propsals and customer services” would sound like he played a pretty heavy role in a business where there should be a lot to show for it for verification purposes. I never got one phone call as an example to verify or refute the resume claims.

But hopefully sharing my story will help change the direction of the system to ensure that no on else has to go through what I did. This is just a tame example too where because the courts didn’t do its job in serving the needs of the public to protect them the person continues to give false information about items like “employment history” as there is no punishment for it. Is there any wonder why in more complex and violent cases you continue to see the same people re-offend over and over again? It’s time to bring facts, logic and common sense back into the system.

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