That Jian Ghomeshi Case For $55 Million

I am pretty sure everyone has been hearing about Jian Ghmeshi who was a Radio host for CBC. CBC has recently fired him and Ghomeshi is claiming it was a result of details of his private sex life. Because of all this, he is suing the CBC for $50 million dollars. I was thinking, how in world does one justify $55 million dolars in that scenario even if everything was true? I was then watching an interview with an employment lawyer who was stating that he is not entitled to $1 and that this will never get to court.

I had to laugh at this a little as it made me think of my case when I took Johnny Ho to court. Essentially, as you know he actually tried to counter sue me for over $200,000+ through the BC court system. Pretty much I was told by lawyers that it was so ridiculous that there is no way it should even get through to trial. But as you can see with the court process I documented, it all becomes a gamble on which judge you get as the first trial conference judge essentially thought everything had merit to keep going.

So maybe this case will be handled more diligently due to all the media scrutiny, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it actually does make it through the trial despite what expert lawyers say. I am already cringing at how much tax dollar it takes for this too.

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