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Reading Similar Stories When It Comes To Family Law Courts In BC

I was reading this story recently about a lady here in Vancouver named Alison MacLean and how she was trying to go through the BC legal system here that dealt with the family court system. The two articles I read were at and .

Essentially she was forced to self-represent herself in court as a result of how costly the whole process is. What really caught my attention is that the articles implied that she is going to use her experience to try and make change to the system. In it was suggested that she wants things such as a one judge case per rule, how self-represented individuals should get more resources and more ability to investigate against officers of the court.

I was thinking to myself “So my experience is not so uncommon.” While my case that I use as an example here doesn’t deal with family law, it can’t be a coincidence that in many ways she has kind of come up with the same conclusions and experiences having gone through the process. With that in mind, maybe I should try and find more published stories out there.

Just watch, I bet one day everyone will get together and create a compelling documentation with so many different examples that there is no way anyone can say things are working as intended. I know people like us are putting ourselves at risk in some ways in sharing our stories, but someone has to do it.